Molecular Markers and Personalized Medicine


The main activity of the center is the translation of new molecular diagnostic, prognostic and predictive methods into clinical usage.

The center is based at the Dept. of Molecular Medicine/MOMA at Aarhus University Hospital.

The center will use state of the art biotechnological and molecuar methods to test the most promising new molecular disease markers for the major cancer diseases in bladder, colon, lung, prostate and breast. This activity will be based on clinical multi-center testing as well as the usage of existing biobanks. 

The funding by the Lundbeck foundation is very timely, as the coming years will show a large number of new molecular markers that can be utilized to divide patients with cancer into sub-groups, each with their own special properties in terms of drug response, disease course, follow-up intervals etc. 

The outcome of this activity will be personalized medicine, leading to a better usage of resources and a better selection of treatment to the individual reducing harmful and non-beneficial effects.